At Competitive Suspension Solutions, we work one on one with the customer to get them a custom product suited for their vehicle.

Competitive Suspension Solutions is owned and operated by Shane Sweigart. Shane is the former Drag Market Manager at Penske Racing Shocks with over 12 years of experience building shocks. Also a drag racer himself he understands the importance of a consistent car.

We are an authorized distributor for JRi Racing Shocks, AFCO Racing shocks, and PAC Racing Springs. We can service most shocks and dyno all. We utilize a Roehrig 2VS dyno to test the shocks and a Intercomp spring rater to check springs.

We work with any drag racer from Bracket racing to Pro Stock. We understand that every car is different. Our goal is to keep every customer happy and consistent! We look forward to hearing from you!

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