Competitive Suspension is your source for custom-built drag race and now dirt car shocks. Utilizing a Roehrig shock dyno along with an Intercomp spring rater we are able to work with customers from bracket racing to Pro Stock; and everything in between. Also offering services for dirt track racers. We now have a Boyd Bilt spring smasher and Longacre Computerscales. Competitive Suspension has remained successful by offering our customers support before and after the sale.

Shane Sweigart

Shane Sweigart brings 14 years of custom shock building experience to every customer. With 11 years at Penske Racing Shocks working with motorcycle, drag race, and NASCAR teams. Shane started Competitive Suspension in 2017 to focus on the drag race market. Also bringing real-world racing experience to the table, It begins with building the right shock for your application, selecting the right spring rate, and continues with fine-tuning after installation.

Nate Martin

Nate Martin comes to us with vast experience in the dirt track world. With his passion for dirt cars and his great work ethic. We decided it was time to run with the dirt market. Nate has spent 2 full days at JRi and multiple days with other manufacturers learning their products. Nate has a Certified Chassis School diploma. He continues to do seminars weekly to stay up to date with current dirt car setups. Nate was a crew member for Tom Blackwell’s dirt late model learning many different aspects of the car. He is also a past racer himself with Legend, Dirt Late Model, and Outlaw Kart experience.

Jeremy Kleinfelter

Jeremy Kleinfelter is a longtime friend of Shane’s. Jeremy is a bracket racer with over 20 years behind the wheel of his Nova. He has attended Thadeus Stevens studying machine trades. Jeremy carries probably the most important role that will help Shane and Nate both continue to help customers effectively. He is what we will call our utility man at the shop. Whether he is machining parts, pre-assembling shocks, or assisting in services.

Competitive Suspension sells JRi Racing Shocks, AFCO Racing Shocks, Magnitude Springs, and Landrum Performance Springs. We can also rebuild most brands. If you want the consistency that only the correct suspension setup can provide, contact Competitive Suspension and take your program to the next level.

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