Service Available for Most Shock & Strut Configurations Built by Most Manufacturers

  • Pre and Post dyno
  • Check all internal parts
  • Clean internal parts
  • Change seals as needed
  • Change oil
  • Update and/ or check valving
    (consult customer on car setup to see if changes are needed)
  • Check springs (optional)
  • Services available for JRi, AFCO, Penske, QA1, Koni, Strange, and Santhuff

Discuss or Schedule Service

Every 2 years we get our Roehrig 2VS dyno serviced. This allows us to quality control every shock and strut before we ship it out. This also allows us to develop new shock setups.


We utilize an Intercomp spring rater. We have the ability to double check all new springs. This is also a free service to all shock service customer on your existing springs.


This shock bleeder allows us to service Penske Inerters. We have all tools in our toolbox to work on these shocks.

Boyd Bilt Elite Series Spring Smasher

The elite series offers a compression/ rebound test. Pull bar testing. The machine can hook directly to our computer utilizing spring pro connect software so we can provide our race teams with a printout. We can compare numerical data, overlay graphs, Email, save, share, or print data.


By request of our customers. We will now be available to scale and set up your race car. We will be using Longacre Computerscales Wireless setup.

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